Dancers Are the Athletes of God

Albert Einstein
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Al Amal Dance School

About Us

Al-Amal Organization for Contemporary Dance was established in 2007 by the initiative of the teacher Wedad Atallah, a group of teachers, students, and parents to meet the need and fill the much-needed gap for the Arab community in the country to establish a school specializing in dance.

The association aspires to establish a “warm second home” that develops creativity & excellence and is based on the principle of dance diversity, in a professional and methodical manner.

At Al-Amal, we monitor students’ journey in education and training. Moreover, we encourage them to achieve the highest levels.

The school offers kinetic and theoretical lessons to expose students to the multi-colored world of dance, such as classical ballet, neo-classical, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, improvisation, and flamenco.

Spoiler: Our classes are on maximum capacity. Therefore, we've curated a special "Saturday" program, especially for you!

Our Classes

What Do We Offer

Al-Amal School divides its students according to age and level allowing opportunities for dancers to reach the professional level from early childhood.

The dancer begins his/her path in Al-Amal School from early childhood from the age of as little as 4. Therefore, various opportunities rise for the dancer and are given lessons in different types of dance and learns to master it according to the special education curriculum of Al-Amal School.

The school offers its students many dance workshops during the year, in addition to fixed weekly lessons in different types of dance, such as classical, neo-classical, modern, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, improvisation, and flamenco.


Saturday Program

Time to Dance!

With the uprising demand to join Al-Amal, we’ve created a special program for people with passion for dance.

The program contains 3 different kind of dance which are; Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and Flamenco.

There is no knowledge or level required to join the program and it is available from the age of 16.

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Saturday Program, the class on Hip Hop will be held at 15:00.

@All, the bus leaves tomorrow at 7 AM for our trip towards the Negev desert. Kindly be equipped with appropriate gear.

Al-Nabi performance will take place in St. Joseph’s hall. For tickets, please visit Al Amal’s Website at:

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