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Meet Our Board of Management & Teachers


Wedad Atallah
Founder & Artistic Director
Maram Simaan
Amal Atallah
Head of Professional Squad

Crew & Office

Tagreed Jubran
Yuhanna Abu-Hani
Raghad Gad
Lana Simaan
Mariam Hawwa


Aseel Qubti
Teacher of Contemporary Dance

Born in Nazareth, Aseel joined Al-Amal school when she was just a child.

Graduated from Danceworks Berlin in 2019 and joined Harake Dance Company. Later on, she joined Umzikssi Art Collective.

Aseel started the Platform 14 festival. In addition, she worked with various stages such as KVS, Les Ballet C de la B, Collictif F-L-I-P.

Moreover, she danced with numerous of world-known dancers like Sigge Modigh, Hoyoung Um, Anna-Lise Marie Hearn.

Janan Khoury
Teacher of Classic Ballet

Born in Nazareth, Aseel joined Al-Amal school since 2006.

Janan started teaching in 2008 at Al-Amal.

 Acquired certificate for teaching Classic Ballet and Jazz from Wingate Institute.

Shadwan Kra'em
Teacher of Hip Hop & Breakdance

Born in 1990, Majd al-Krum.

Shadwan holds a degree in movement and acting from Tel Aviv University.

He worked in many public centers, institutions, and associations across the country.

Participated in the “Best Talent” TV show, which won the Palestine breakdance championship.


Maria Hellou
Teacher of Contemporary Dance, Classic Ballet, and Jazz

Born in 1992, Nazareth, Aseel joined Al-Amal school since she was just 4 years old and still dances at Al-Amal professional squad.

B.A. in Dance from Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance.
M.A. in Sports from Wingate Institute in Netanya.
Maria Helou is a certified Pilates instructor and owns a medical Pilates studio.
Took part in many workshops abroad such as in Barcelona, Vienna, and Berlin.
Melinda Hazboun
Head of Ballet

Melinda was born in Bethlehem in 1975.

She persuaded a dance degree from Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt (Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main).

She advanced her art studies in Austria.

Melinda performed at many Ballet shows regionally and interntionally.

Niveen Ramadan
Teacher of Flamenco

Born in 1984, Nazareth.

Certified teacher of Flamenco and Classic Ballet.

Niveen is also movement trainer. In addition, she coaches PBT and Flyoga.


Yara Abu-Salem
Teacher of Ballet

Born in Nazareth, Aseel joined Al-Amal school since 2008.

Yara has B.Sc. in physical therapy. Moreover, she specialized in Kinesio tapes at “Asaf Harofi” hospital.

Yara is studying chasing a degree in Dance from Wingate Institute. 


Juliet Keisy

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